Art and scribbles by Stephan Eggink

Drew this the day after our dog passed away. With the plan of using this as the cover for a picturebook I’m putting together. He was very precious to me, and I don’t think we’ll ever own a dog with a character like his ever again… Rest in peace Buster, we miss you… The house feels so empty without you…
A random character design I did, I wanted to try something with large eyes and elongated faces.

Only the people who have played, or perhaps watched a glitchrun of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 will get this. It’s a common bug in the game where either Knuckles or Rouge get stuck on the wall, and it takes  A LOT of effort to get them off. Vaguely based on boxerhockey’s comics a few years back.

Check out the art I did for my second attempt at the Global Game Jam 2014 at Saxion!
The piece I was working on for the holidays is now finito! Hopefully it’s not too blue for most, I tried to get a little atmosphere into the picture. Almost the same blue-ish atmosphere certain parts of the game had. To those who have never played Cave Story, I suggest you try it!
To those who care to follow me on other places. I’d like to promote my facebook page. I’m updating this more frequently than my tumblr, or DA. And you can keep track of stuff I have in progress. I’m trying to spread the word, so take a look and give a like if interested!
Finally finished my piece of Kill la Kill’s Ryuko Matoi! Wanted to do something ever since the show started. With 6 episodes in my timing isn’t too bad! Go watch it, it’s great! If you liked Gurren Lagann for it’s animation quality, you’ll like this as well.
I have felt kind of blah lately in terms of art, and I’ve been incredibly lazy because of that. I had the sketch of this lying around for months and since I couldn’t really draw anything else I figured I’d finish it.
The result of a project we had in the beginning of this year for our course. Just create any kind of environment and try to maintain a eye-catching atmosphere.
More fanart of Skullgirls. This time it was Cerebella’s turn!